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Our Blog

Welcome to the Climb Torridon blog. This is our place to share information with you, from facts, history and things to do in the local area to techniques and tips to help improve your climbing and mountaineering. If it's something we think you'll be interested in this is where we post it.

Have an idea for what you'd like us to blog about? Get in touch and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Cloud Inversion on the Torridon Mountains
All About Torridon

All About Torridon Very few places in the world have as much to offer as the majestic landscape of Torridon. It is home to Britain’s first and largest National Nature Reserve, one of Scotland’s rarest birds (the black-throated diver), ancient scots pinewoods and 3000 million year old rock. It is also home to some of […]

Bouldering at the Celtic Jumble
Welcome to Our Website

Welcome to the Climb Torridon website and blog. Climb Torridon has been an idea of ours for a while now. We’re pleased to say that we’re all up and running ready to help you enjoy this fantastic area.