Self Rescue

Deal with Difficult Situations

Our Learn Self Rescue Courses are for climbers who want to learn the skills and techniques needed to get themselves out of trouble. Over the two day course we will be looking at the problematic scenarios that can occur while out climbing, and the safest and most efficient ways to solve them.

Our courses are based in The Torridon Mountains. This location gives us a practical and realistic setting to learn in a variety of terrain.

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Who Is This Course For?

This course is for any competent lead climber who is looking to increase their problem solving knowledge. We will be looking through both minor and major complications, for example your rope gets jammed or your second climbs past a piece of gear without unclipping it. You will learn the techniques needed to solve these situations in the most efficient and safe way.

Insiprational Location

Our Learn Self Rescue Courses take place in and around the Torridon Mountains. This area is famous for its incredible climbing, it is a fantastic place to learn. With no shortage of crags, you will have plenty of opportunity to practice and refine your skills. All within a realistic and inspirational environment. The largest village in the area is Gairloch, with excellent local facilities and amenities, including B&Bs, self catering, hotels, shops, pubs and takeaways.

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Day One:

We will begin by a quick refresh of basic skills, such as belaying, gear placement, building belays etc. Making sure these are well refined can help prevent some problems in the first place. Then we will spend the rest of the day covering a multitude of different scenarios. We will be looking at issues with rope work such as; what to do if a rope gets a knot in it or gets jammed. Assisting your second; what to do if your second can’t do a move, can’t remove a piece of gear or climbs past a piece of gear. In solving these scenarios we will learn techniques such as tying off a belay plate and using prusiks. We will also look at ways to escape the system, which we will continue to develop tomorrow.

Day Two:

Today we will cover more advanced rescue scenarios. We will look at refining our techniques for escaping the systems and discuss escaping both up and down. This will help us to solve problems such as freeing a stuck limb, rescuing an unconscious second and assisting a second or lead who has fallen and is free hanging. We will have plenty of opportunity to practice in a realistic environment to gain confidence in these skills.

Ratios and Pricing

In order to provide the highest level of learning and safety we maintain low ratios for our courses. Below you can see the details. Small numbers allow us to make sure you get the tuition you need and the course is tailored around your aspirations.

Self Rescue Two Day Course

Ratio Price
1:1 £550
1:2 £300 per person

Course Highlights

  • Qualified and Experienced Instructor
  • Choice of private instruction or small group instruction
  • Refining current skills
  • Escaping the system
  • Prusiking
  • Basic scenarios (dealing with knots in the rope)
  • Advanced Scenarios (rescuing an unconscious second)
  • Realistic environment

What’s included:

All technical equipment needed (e.g. ropes/harnesses/helmets) are included in the course fee. Please feel free to bring your own rack along as well. We can review the items in it and look at how you might use them in a self rescue context. Please note your instructor will inspect any technical equipment you bring for safety.